Building Resilience for Thriving through Change

Empowering Leaders at all Levels for Performance, Productivity, and Wellness 

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We customize our coaching to your needs based on your free individual resilience assessment or organizational intake consultation. 89% of companies polled indicated they would maintain or increase their coaching initiatives in the next year, with 2/3 of this group saying they would increase their coaching initiatives. (From AMA/Institute for Corporate Productivity.)


From large group sessions to in-depth workshops to informal chats, Nancy delivers motivational messages that teach people how to succeed through resilience. Our workshops engage your heart, mind, and body to help you break away from old habits and develop a more resilient mindset.

Hear Nancy's radio interview on resilience!  Nancy's signature topics: Resilience is your Superpower-Thriving in Change; Managing Stress, Time & Energy for Thriving; Living on Purpose-Building your Core for Resilience.


Resilient organizations come from resilience individuals. Develop  more effective, focused, resilient teams through training, coaching, and implementation of research-based, brain-friendly solutions for thriving through VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous).

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"Max Performance coaching ignited the best in me. The accountability and check-ins kept me on track and responsible for my results. I highly recommend Max Performance coaching for anyone who wants to achieve peak performance in their work and their whole life.”...

Janel A. Business Coach


“In our pursuit of goals and ambitions, we can easily become non-renewable resources. Nancy taught me not only how to recognize when this happens, but how to create healthy behaviors and habits to create capacity and find the right balance.”...

Dan O. Change Consultant


“I’m amazed by how much I learned; I have successfully integrated new healthy habits both at work and in my personal life. Max Performance’s unique blend of resilience coaching, customized physical fitness and mind-body integration practices allowed me to manage a variety of challenges at work and at home.”...

Kevin P. Marketing Director


"I attended Nancy's one day Resilience Retreat/Workshop and it was a perfect combination of  information, inspiration and connection to a marvelous group of colleagues that added great value on many levels. With Nancy's workshop design, insightful speakers and the incredible environment she created, the group was able to bond quickly and...

Patty A. Talent & Org Development Consultant


As a chronic type-A, perfectionist, overachieving personality, I cannot overstate the benefits of the program, especially in the areas of resilience and mindfulness/meditation. Max Performance’s holistic focus on the mind/body/spirit elements of leadership created a whole new perspective on my life and well-being. The program reinforces the importance of taking...

Kris O. HR Consultant