Max Performance founder Nancy Maxfield-Wilson brings a unique science-based perspective to maximizing performance. She is passionate about teaching others to access our innate resources of mind, body, and spirit for focus, performance, and wellness.

We offer individual and group coaching, training, and consulting.  Our coaches offer leadership, life, and executive coaching, personal training, and instruction in yoga, Nia, and nutrition at workshops and events. Below is a sampling of content our coaches deliver.

Integrated Resilience & The Science of Purpose

Nancy pictureNancy Maxfield-Wilson, MS, MAOL  My Max Performance LLC

Resilience:  the ability to convert adversity and even failure into positive opportunities; you can absolutely develop this ability!  Integrating your mind, body and spirit into ‘whole system’ function is a valuable tool for both awareness and intervention, providing a foundation for greater capacity and leadership.  You will learn the key components of resilience and create strategies for improving yours.

Nancy’s Bio:

Nancy has a uniquely blended  background with a foundation in biological sciences including neuroscience and human diagnostics, as well as organizational leadership and change management.  As a long term competitive athlete with a passion for science-based performance optimization, she helps others access the innate capacity for mind-body wellness we all are born with. She worked for 20 years as a scientist and strategic technical change consultant in the medical device and biotech industries. She coached leaders and teams on problem solving, process improvement, and change management. Max Performance focuses on personal change management to build resilient leaders that contribute to more effective organizations and communities.

The Art of Purpose & Courageous Conversations

LisaBobyakLisa Bobyak, Living Fully Balanced, LLC

Lisa will teach us what a courageous conversation is, why they are so hard to have, yet why we really need to be able to have them, and their role in increasing resilience.  We’ll take an in depth look at how courageous conversations (or lack thereof) have impacted our sense of balance and fulfilment.  We’ll leave not only knowing the 5 Steps to Creating Courageous Conversations, but understanding how and when to effectively use them to transform our conversations.

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Bobyak is owner and founder of Living Fully Balanced, LLC.  She’s trained as a co-active Coach and Facilitator and her practice focuses on resilience, balance and courageous conversations.  Because she’s overcome unexpected challenges herself, and thrived in spite of them, Lisa is compelled to help others do the same.  With the 8 Keys to Living Fully Balanced™, paired with Co-Active strategies, her clients balance their lives, handle challenges with courage and grace, and create lasting, healthy change.

Resilience and Movement for Thriving

Cathy Skinner, MA, CPT, The Art of WellCathy Skinner - HS Sport LR

Cathy will walk us through some wellness strategies for how and why to incorporate mindful movement into your busy daily routine with some simple moves that can be done anywhere, with no equipment. Understanding that intrinsic motivation is the real driver for sustainable behavior change, Cathy comes alongside clients to coach them in the wellness goals that mean the most to them. New research shows the importance to everyone of moving throughout your day; even those who work out intensely need to reduce time spent sitting. Movement helps “play out” stress hormones, reducing impact to your health and increasing resilience.

Cathy's Bio:
Cathy brings a powerful combination of experience and education to her work of empowering individuals both personally and professionally, as a former Division I volleyball coach holding degrees in both psychology and organizational development. She uses her knowledge of teamwork, strategy, and training to develop high performance individuals.

After 10 years of college coaching, Cathy found her niche working with those who have chronic conditions such as MS, diabetes, and cancer. Cathy says: “Chronic conditions and the treatment process can be very disempowering. Exercise empowers patients to take control of their own recovery and get connected to their ‘new’ bodies.” With a passion for functional movement and corrective exercises, Skinner also teaches Pilates, Kettle-Bell, and Functional Movement Systems.

Nia -- A mind/body movement practice for health, resilience and joy

Beth Giles, Nia with Beth                                                                                          Certified Instructor

Beth offers a unique approach to mind/body/spirit health and awareness. Like yoga, Nia teaches us to be fully present in our bodies. Nia combines the movement forms of dance, martial arts and healing arts into an hour long exhilarating and calming workout. We feel the joy of being alive, responsive and resilient. Nia combines the energies and essences of nine movement forms to allow the mind and body to be fully engaged, aware and playful. Wear comfortable clothes that you are willing to sweat in. We move in our bare feet to soul stirring music. All fitness levels are welcome.

Beth’s Bio:

Beth has been a practitioner of Nia for 13 years. She trained to become a Nia teacher in 2012. She went on to receive the next level of Nia training in December 2014, receiving her Blue Belt in the Art of Communication. Now she runs her own business, Nia with Beth Giles, teaching 8-12 classes a week, producing trainings, mentoring other teachers and speaking about how mind/body/spirit integration can transform lives.

Living your Values

Al Watts, MA,  InTEGro, Inc.AlWatts

Al is passionate about aligning ourselves with our values and principles, a key resiliency strategy shared by successful leaders, and one that helps us navigate change with integrity and wholeness. He will help us name our personal values and principles and learn their role in resiliency, as well as create strategies for staying true to ourselves through challenging situations. Al will help us gain awareness and ownership of what we value most, and how we want to conduct ourselves.

Al’s Bio:

Al Watts has over 30 years of experience as a coach and consultant. His focus is strengthening identity, authenticity, alignment and accountability to help organizations and their leaders craft more effective, engaging and ethical cultures. Prior to his consulting practice Al served in human resource management capacities for three corporations. He is the author of Navigating Integrity – Transforming Business As usual Into Business At Its Best and a popular speaker; he also serves on the faculty of Metropolitan State University’s College of Management and St. Mary University’s graduate Organizational Leadership program. Learn more about Al, his work and resources for organizational and leadership integrity at

Spiritual Intelligence – What is it?

Marjorie Herdes, Mobius, Inc.Marjorie3

What is meant by spiritual intelligence? Is it religion? If not, what is the difference and why and how can it be developed? Come, let’s explore these questions together. Many understand the contribution of Physical Intelligence (PQ), Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) but may not have explored the value and contribution of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).  Recent research shows that feeling connected to others and something larger than ourselves increases our resilience to change and adversity.

Marjorie’s bio:

An educator, coach and facilitator of organization development Marjorie has worked with teachers, leaders and managers to guide their development for over 30 years. Certified in the groundbreaking SQ21, Spiritual Intelligence Instrument application and coaching as well at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Enneagram she brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to engaging others in the recognition and transcendence of limits to their development

Creating Successful Leaders

Margaret Smith, UXL MargaretSmith

Margaret B. Smith is a career coach, educator, speaker and author.  As the founder of UXL, she offers her clients the guidance necessary to reach their full potential. They share a desire to develop leadership and management skills, learn how to achieve their goals and help others grow.  She taps into her extensive business experience as she addresses  contemporary workplace challenges you maybe facing.

Margaret ‘s recently published book, “The Ten Minute Leadership Challenge”, highlights 10 leadership behaviors that she experienced during her 30 year career in business leadership  positions.

She is an adjunct professor in the Center for Sales Innovation at Saint Catherine University. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, International Women Leaders and is cited as a leading new entrepreneur in Cambridge Who’s Who, and a nominee for the Women In Business award from the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal.

Changing your Inner Conversation – a Path to Self Awareness and Resilience

Will Stockton, PhD. Mobius, Inc.WilliamStockton

Learning how to change the conversation, to tell a more powerful story, is critical for developing the resilience required to respond creatively to both individual and leadership challenges. As a cultural anthropologist and expert faciitator, Will has learned how powerfully we are enabled and limited by the stories we believe and tell. His greatest satisfaction comes from coaching leaders to recognize and release themselves and others from the trance of their limiting stories.

Will’s Bio:

After completing his Ph.D. in cultural anthropology at the University of Minnesota, Will has worked as a consultant and leadership coach to groups, organizations and communities for over 35 years. In partnership with Marjorie Herdes he developed the Mobius Model, a guide for coaching, facilitating and leading culture change. They have consulted and trained in the US, the UK, Hungary and Portugal. He is certified to use the MBTI, led a team of colleagues to develop the Mobius Model Instrument (MMI), a group self-assessment, and co-authored The Mobius Model: A Guide for Developing Effective Relationships in Groups, Teams and Organizations.

Understanding Self & Identifying Purpose

TK Pro Headshot 2014Tammy Krings, The Conversations that Matter LLC

Self-awareness is a core building block of resilience and leadership, as well as a critical step in creating a life that aligns with your values and natural strengths. In this session, we will use the Everything DiSC instrument to identify our innate strengths and special attributes that enable us to add unique value; in a very real way, knowing oneself is really the first step of building a life of resiliency. To actualize our life's purpose, we must first start by knowing ourselves. We must be willing to embrace and love our full selve and build a life that honors our entire being.

Having a purpose in has been recently shown to have direct health benefits, even to the extent of reducing your risk of dementia and depression with aging.

Tammy’s Bio:

Tammy Krings is a Master Certified Coach and Facilitator who has spent her entire career studying and teaching human dynamics - specifically, in the arena of self-awareness and understanding how to employ our own gifts, strengths and the value we uniquely offer. While Tammy’s work is primarily with leaders and teams, consistently a thread runs from one client situation to the next: effective and exceptional leaders know themselves best and keep on wanting to learn more about how they can use more of their strengths and temper their downfalls. In understanding our true purpose, doing the hard work to live a life honoring, and respecting our gifts, we must give ourselves the ultimate self-care - permission to be excellent, not perfect.

Yoga for Mind, Body & Spiritjill-20

Jill Borgerdering, JillBFit, LLC                                                                             Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

We face challenging situations and often, people, on a daily basis. These situations may trigger emotions where our inner strength and flexibility are exhausted. Although we cannot control what life hands us each day, we can control how we react, or don’t. Using our breath and our body, yoga teaches us to master our mind and body during our practice, and we can apply this in our daily lives.

When we hold a physically difficult posture, how do we deal with the discomfort? When do we choose to hold the pose, and when do we allow ourselves a break from the pose? When we hold steady in a pose and move through our emotions as they arise, we have learned a lesson we can carry into daily life when our practice ends.

Jill’s Bio:

With over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Jill blends her passion for Western-style physical fitness with Eastern-style yoga tradition in every class she teaches. As she guides you through your practice you will experience a user-friendly, practical style of yoga, focused on breath first, and movement second.