Max Performance takes a holistic, science-based approach to developing change resilience, self-leadership, and alignment through individual and group coaching and interactive workshops. The Integration Model below shows how competencies in mind/body/spirit relate to each other, creating a resilience "system" that allows us to weather change, adversity, and challenge. Recent research links developing these competencies to improved performance, health and well-being, and even longevity.

Based on your resilience and/or life assessment during our first coaching session or workshop, we'll co-create a roadmap  to meet your personal and/or professional goals.

Most  clients work initially with Nancy during 5 sessions over a quarter to create their vision and life map, develop their toolkit and new habits for sustainable performance, resilience, and well-being.  Contact Nancy for details.


  • Greater energy, capacity and performance
  • Improved stress, time and energy management
  • Increased alignment and well-being, especially during transition or change



Resilience is our ability to convert adversity into opportunity, and to see possibilities within the obstacles

  • Mind, body, spirit (connectedness) form the foundation
  • “High RQ” is advanced resilience for leaders & teams
  • EQ +BQ + SQ=”RQ”
  • This “whole system” function produces improved focus, performance, and wellness
  • Connection to causes larger than ourselves, understanding our purpose and values has been shown to increase our ability to weather adversity


Managing your stress is one of the most critical things (by no means the only thing) you can do for your resilience and performance.  The effects of negative stress (there is such a thing as positive stress) on the body are both short and long term; chronic stress can damage virtually all of our organ systems, but most especially the brain. Chronic negative stress is linked directly to six of the leading causes of disease in the U.S.  It has been estimated that up to 85% of diagnosed disease is caused by stress and poor lifestyle choices.

Performance at all levels is IMMEDIATELY disrupted by acute stress; we revert to "lizard brain" (automatic negative thinking patterns and physical hyperdrive) designed to protect us from threats.  This does not serve us well in an important meeting or conversation, and with training we can detect and reroute our brain and body back into "executive or leader brain" functioning where we can again make sound decisions, plan, and return to emotional intelligence and active listening.

We will teach you simple tools for resetting your brain and body, as well as more advanced techniques for maximizing performance similar to those used so successfully in professional sports.