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Bouncing Back…Better

[caption id="attachment_2511" align="alignright" width="300"][/caption] So as some of you know, a car hit me last week, while finishing a routine bicycle ride. I had ridden 18 miles on the trail, and was heading home on the road for the last 2 miles when it happened. First, I was incredibly fortunate-while my bike and I were…
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Got stress? It’s increasingly harder to reduce our stress, in fact there are more sources almost daily in our hyperconnected world.  Don't despair yet-maybe though,  it’s time to work the other end of the equation, by developing a more effective response to the stresses we can't reduce or eliminate. Who can afford the consequences to…
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THRIVING NOT JUST SURVIVING..resilience for the holidays and for life Independent of your political stance, the stress, divisiveness, and intensity of the last few months have been trying for most of us. And with the holidays coming on, more stress looms for many. It's enough to make you chug the holiday wassail, go shopping for those red pointy heels you said you were…
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What the Bleep?! Manifesting & Resilience

As I was having one of those days where the universe aligned effortlessly, I finished my coffee in front of the fire while contemplating the amazing, inspiring, and talented colleagues I was going to meet with and co-produce something awesome with today.. slightly black box yet, but bound to be innovative and successful...I was in…
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