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Reinventing Monday morning. Or, Resilience and the Power of Intention

Yep, Monday morning…that thing that happens after the weekend, when all your to-do lists come crashing in as you ramp up for your busy week. Whether you had a great weekend that you didn’t want to end, or a "too busy" weekend where you didn’t have a chance to recuperate, Monday mornings put a lot of…
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How relationships are like bicycles..or the dark side of resilience

While the analogy may seem strange, hang with me a moment please.. Think back to the last time you bought a bike..or a car.. or something you spent a lot of time, money and angst over purchasing… I recently bought a new road bike, and I of course did research diligently, test riding, reviewing specs,…
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Easy, Quick Exercises to Increase Awareness & Focus-Guest Post by Carolien Moors

Carolien Moors is a speaker, executive  team coach and workshop facilitator from the Netherlands with degrees in psychology and education that she puts to amazing use, coupled with her natural keen observation and listening skills. Carolien inspires, engage, and empower her audiences with her practical and direct approach and with her humor and energy. She acts…
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Just Do It: Starting Your Journey to Health-guest post by John Unverzagt

Today's post is by one of our coaches and partners, John Unverzagt of Fitness Together.  John has been a personal trainer, teacher, coach, and inspirational leader for over 20 years.  He gives fabulous tips to create sustainable habits for health and wellness, which is the foundation for  performance and resilience. Enjoy!! You know you want to be  healthy,…
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