Max Performance Training

Max Performance individual and group coaching meets the needs of busy leaders  at all stages; we offer free resilience assessments or initial consultations (for individuals or organizations looking to grow their leaders).  Maximize productivity, performance, and wellness while minimizing stress and anxiety.


Foundations (5.5 hours/quarter,  in person and/or phone): 

  • Resilience or Life Assessment (depending on objectives)
  • Foundations Class (Or 50% off workshop, depending on schedule)
  • Creating your vision and roadmap; purpose matters
  • Resilience Toolkit
  • Email support on non-coaching weeks

For: New clients who want to create a roadmap for their next stage, while enjoying greater performance, resilience, and well-being. Basic techniques to manage stress & mindset. Returning clients who need a reset.

Virtually Resilient: Group Coaching (phone):

Weekly facilitated discussion around resilience topics, challenges & successes; peer discussion & support; guest speakers on resilience-related topics including guided experiential learning for skills development.  Call in from your comfy chair while learning, sharing, & trying out new tools.

For:  New clients wanting to dip their toes or returning clients and workshop attendees.

Tune Up (2-30 min sessions,  by phone):($69)

  • Resilience & Needs Assessment
  • Jumpstart! Quick start plan & resources

For:  New clients who want to know how and why resilience works and get started quickly,  or returning clients needing a check-in, revamp, or accountability following a workshop or coaching program.

A La Carte Program (hourly, phone) 

For:  Returning clients only; customized support ranges from check-ins to guided practice to advanced techniques.

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