Max Performance Speaking

Nancy delivers motivational messages and practical application tips rooted in science, performance athletics, and leadership science for building resilience. Her audiences are often coping with high pressure, high performance environments and stressful life transitions.

Nancy speaks to diverse groups including first responders, chemical dependency and mental health counselors, social workers, legal firms, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, executives, and people in job transition, divorce, or other stressful life transitions.  Her engagements include Hennepin County, Connexus Energy, Securian Financial, City of Stillwater, Women's Business Bridge, Women in Networking, Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota, Fredrikson & Byron, the Leadership Imperative, and many more.

Max Performance Speaking Topics

Create a framework for understanding resilience, how to build it, and a top level view of the neuroscience and physiology underlying resilience. • Learn how to work with, not against, your neurobiology, and why you are wired the way you are. • Learn why mindset is so important, and what you can do to change it. • Understand the key components of resilience, backed by research, and why it's so critical for surviving and thriving in today's complex, fast paced world.
There’s more to making lasting wellness changes than just knowing what we should and shouldn’t do. • If it were that simple you would have done it already. • Poor lifestyle choices and health hygiene account for up to 85% of healthcare costs in the U.S. • Wellness is an essential foundation to resilience, performance, and happiness; while it often seems overwhelming, there are some simple practices we can start with. • Demystify the mumbo jumbo of effective health hygiene from a science & life design perspective. • Plant your feet firmly on your wellness journey with some easy tips & tools.
What is self‐care? How can I practice it in mind, body, & spirit (connectedness)? • It’s important to assess our readiness and awareness, and understand what barriers we may have to taking care of ourselves, including the stories we tell ourselves about it. • Research shows that taking care of ourselves produces greater impact; being present and effective in the moment, and creating sustainable performance for the long term.
What gets you up in the morning? Knowing your purpose has significant health benefits, including increased longevity, positive attitude, & decreased risk of dementia. • Once you are clear on why you are here, and what you value most, you can prioritize wisely. • Being clear on our purpose, being connected to others, and having a sense of our values helps protect us from the stress that rapid change and uncertainty induces in us. • We should not wait for adversity to build our resilience muscles; much like our core muscles stabilize our body during exertion, our resilience muscle stabilizes us during change.

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