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New for 2018! RC Masterminds (Resilience, Passion & Creativity): 

  • Resilience Assessment & Personal Action Plan
  • Quarterly Foundations Workshops (Half day @Edina, MN)
  • Group Resilience Coaching (virtual, twice/month)
  • Resilience Tools & Worksheets
  • Guided exercises to get you unstuck
  • Email or phone support on non-coaching weeks

For: New or returning clients committed to managing their stress, productivity, & wellness through more intensive coaching, life design, & practice development.  Saturday morning workshops: Feb 10, Apr 28, Aug 4, Dec 1, 2018.

2018 Resilience & Creativity Workshop options

A Year of Thriving: 

Growing Resilience, Creativity and Passion in 2018

Half Day Workshops  on SaturdaysFeb 10, Apr 28, Aug 4, Dec 1

Are you ready to grind less and experience more joy? Thrive, not just survive?
Resilient people build a foundation of healthy mind, body, and heart to support inspired performance, capability & well-being. Discover the power of your body/mind system for improved self-awareness, mindfulness and purpose.
Reclaim your creativity, well-being and inner joy to sustain you through challenging times. Try out new ways of renewing your energy and shifting your mindset.
Creativity and passion are tools you can nurture to create a life that feeds your well-being. Join us to explore... It’s time to discover your inner resources for a life well lived; thriving instead of merely surviving.

Walk away with:
A new understanding of the connections between resilience, wellness, and stress with tips and tools you can apply immediately.
Your personalized plan for passion, resilience, energy and creativity.
A clear vision for the life you desire to live this coming year and beyond.
Come create your vision for 2018: your year for resilience, creativity, and passion.
We can’t wait to see you!  In partnership with Theresa Nutt of Closet Creatives

Saturday February 10 8:30-12:00

Future Saturday workshops: Feb 10, Apr 28, Aug 4, Dec 1 (15% discount for all 4)

Bhakti Wellness Center
7550 France Avenue South


Create a framework for understanding resilience, how to build it, and a top level view of the neuroscience and physiology underlying resilience. • Learn how to work with, not against, your neurobiology, and why you are wired the way you are; thriving, vs just surviving. • Learn why mindset is so important, and what you can do to change it, including managing stress and anxiety. • Understand the key components of resilience, backed by research, and why it's so critical for surviving and thriving in today's complex, fast paced world.
There’s more to making lasting wellness changes than just knowing what we should and shouldn’t do. • If it were that simple you would have done it already. • Poor lifestyle choices and health hygiene account for up to 85% of healthcare costs in the U.S. • Wellness is an essential foundation to resilience, performance, and happiness; while it often seems overwhelming, there are some simple practices we can start with. • Demystify the mumbo jumbo of effective health hygiene from a science & life design perspective. • Plant your feet firmly on your wellness journey with some easy tips & tools.
What is mind-body integration? Why should I care? What can it do for me? • Simply put, it's understanding and working with the system you were born with; mind and body are part of a system that can be used to assess and directionally alter stress response, fatigue, mood, and focus. • Your thoughts, emotions, and intellectual abilities are greatly affected by the biochemistry going on in your body; similarly your thoughts and emotions create complex chain reactions in your body. • Becoming self-aware allows us choices and control.• Both sides of the equation can be altered to create better performance, whether at work or at home, once we understand how to check in with ourselves.
What gets you up in the morning? Knowing your purpose has significant health benefits, including increased longevity, positive attitude, & decreased risk of dementia. • Once you are clear on why you are here, and what you value most, you can prioritize your life. • Being clear on these core beliefs helps protect us from the stress and anxiety that rapid change and uncertainty induces in us. • Don't wait for adversity to build your resilience muscle; much like our core muscles stabilize our body during exertion, being clear on our purpose stabilizes us during change.

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