Reinventing Monday morning. Or, Resilience and the Power of Intention

lady-holding-the-sun-sunrise-0315143804abd60fYep, Monday morning…that thing that happens after the weekend, when all your to-do lists come crashing in as you ramp up for your busy week. Whether you had a great weekend that you didn’t want to end, or a "too busy" weekend where you didn’t have a chance to recuperate, Monday mornings put a lot of us in not the best place…it’s just life.

Or is it?

What if we changed our mindset about Monday morning, or better yet, about mornings in general? Advanced resilience comes in when we intentionally convert our challenges into opportunities.

What if we look at morning as our opportunity to set our intention for the day? Further, to invent freshly who we want to be today, and how we will show up in the world today?

That may sound big and scary, but once you push through and create the habit success will fuel to create bigger and better things. Success brings with it almost limitless positive energy!

A lot has been written about the power of intention and mindset. A few favorite tidbits:

Viktor Frankl, Nobel laureate and concentration camp survivor:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Wayne Dyer has another term for the concept behind the Law of Attraction. He calls it the Power of Intention. “The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.” One of many reasons to be intentional about what you are.

From Deepak Chopra “Intention is much more powerful when it comes from a place of contentment than if it arises from a sense of lack or need. Stay centered and refuse to be influenced by other people’s criticisms.”

Richard Leider recently discussed 3 themes that surfaced from interviewing people at the end of their lives about what they would change if they could live life over. They would be more:

·     Reflective, especially during tough times

·     Courageous about reinventing themselves

·     Intentional about their purpose and priorities

Putting all of these things together, here’s a simple idea to get started: spend just five minutes every morning, in a quiet place sans your smart phone and other devices, before your day comes crashing in. Take a pause, breathe deeply for one minute, then picture yourself as the person you want to be today for a full minute, in as much detail as you can.

In this way, you intentionally create your best self for the day, reflecting your priorities, your values, your purpose. Understand your reason for getting up in the morning.

As a bonus, research shows having a purpose correlates with greater happiness, increased lifespan, and also protects against dementia and other diseases. As Richard says, having purpose is not a luxury, it's a fundamental necessity.

Ok so what more do you need? Get started today-even if even just for a few minutes. Remember, progress, not perfection!!

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Nancy Maxfield-Wilson specializes in coaching, consulting, and training for resilience. She focuses on mind-body integration, combining neuroscience, performance psychology, and physiology to create a balanced foundation for performance and wellness. Nancy also speaks, blogs, and writes. Max Performance coaches and trainers work with organizations and individuals to build resilience skills for improving performance, wellness, and happiness. For some quick resilience resources, go to:MyMaxPerformance


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