Resilience is your Superpower!!


dT4zajpTeDid you know you had an invisible superpower? It’s called resilience.

Resilience, at its most basic, is our ability to bounce back when bad things happen. While some of us are naturally more resilient (due to nature and/or nurture), the great news is, resilience is actually a set of skills that can be developed. Better news, we can create new opportunity from adversity, not simply recover (“advanced” resilience).


The Stress Epidemic; life in our fast paced world
Stress is responsible for the majority of doctor visits, and linked to the top 6 causes of death in the U.S.
Our response to stress literally affects our health and wellbeing, both short and long term.
What differentiates thrivors from survivors is how we respond to stress.
While some stress (to both mind and body) actually grows both mind and body, as stress increases beyond that level, it breaks down the mind and body

Bad things happen to good people
Bad stuff happens to all of us-it’s not under our control.
What differentiates us is how we respond: think Viktor Frankl, concentration camp survivor and Nobel laureate.

Change is stressful to humans
Our brains evolved to find change threatening to protect us from danger.
Change is global, faster than ever, and communicated 24/7
Threats, real or perceived, produce stress molecules in the body, lasting for hours if not days if we don’t take action to cleanse them from our system.


Mindset is everything...almost, anyway.
A ‘fixed’ mindset (Carol Dweck), (where we are only as good as our last accomplishment, and our mistakes define us as failures) leads to stagnation and worse. Understanding that mistakes lead to learning, and valuing learning over perfection (the ‘growth’ mindset).not only makes us more resilient, it makes us more successful. You have only to look at the recent Olympics to see resilience in action.
Mindsets resilient leaders tend to share:

  • Being realistic while optimistic and confident
  • Taking responsibility (autonomy) vs. a victim mentality
  • Being ready to shift gears and having a learning mindset
  • Connection to a larger purpose, community, or cause
  • A sense of humor when life doesn’t go as planned
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy; awareness of others’ perspectives
  • Balance: the ability to keep your priorities in mind and align your life

Mind-body integration: a whole new toolset
Mindset becomes even more powerful when we integrate our minds and bodies so we can work with our neurobiology and our physiology, not against it.

You can’t change how thousands of years of evolution have shaped our brains; but you can harness it for performance once you understand it. There are skills we can learn to reset our brains and our bodies to reduce the impact of stress and maximize function.

Build a foundation of wellness; many top performing CEOs make wellness a cornerstone of their high performance. Exercise is key; it not only revs our brains, but it resets our biochemistry to elevate mood and reduces inflammation. You do not have to be a triathlete or even an athlete to make this work for you!

Max Performance can help you and/your team improve your focus, energy, and performance, and we'd love to hear from you!

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