What the Bleep?! Manifesting & Resilience

inside-the-flame-nebula-051714e95f093b2cAs I was having one of those days where the universe aligned effortlessly, I finished my coffee in front of the fire while contemplating the amazing, inspiring, and talented colleagues I was going to meet with and co-produce something awesome with today.. slightly black box yet, but bound to be innovative and successful...I was in the flow...manifesting my out-of-the-box business vision.

As I scraped myself off of the chair in front of the fire, finishing my coffee and noting how dismal, cold and gray it was outside this October morning, I had forgotten to put gas in the car the night before and I was already late to my first meeting with someone that didn't clearly align with my business objectives in the first place and it seemed the day was already doomed to failure before it had really begun..guh.

Ummm, what??

Two parallel, but qualitatively completely different subjective experiences of reality..which was correct? Both, or either. It's all about resilience, vision, and mindset.

The first scenario (door 1) was born of reframing and learned resilience..the second was not. How do we get what's behind door 1, not door 2, consistently? Resilience (see past posts), vision, and mindset (its own post, for sure) are all learned skills which improve our ability to be successful. Resilience is our ability to bounce back and even convert adversity into opportunity; it involves tenacity and persistence in the process. Mindset comes in when we quit looking at ourselves as defined by our latest success or failure, and reframe around possibility, curiosity, and growth.

Vision is what I want to address here..wow, dare I call it manifesting?

In case you fear an attack of quantum physics coming on..as someone who started life as a scientist, I was initially super skeptical about the idea of "manifesting" by putting desires out into the universe, and all those activities that go along with it.."dream" boards, life maps, affirmations, etc. I was also skeptical about mindset as well, being data-based and action oriented; isn't there an objective reality we can measure?

BUT actually...the idea of creating a very clear picture of success, putting out words and images that have the look, the feel, the smell, the taste, so to speak..is a lot like what I did as an competitive athlete. Visualizing the perfect technique and the winning moment was a proven coaching method..even trash talking to the competition..OK not advocating trash talk, but..focusing on how great our win would feel..is another step towards making it happen.

Maybe not that different from what we do as leaders to lay out a vision and enroll stakeholders and allies to work together on BHAGS..when we get excited about improving our life, delighting customers and stakeholders, and being the greatest thing since Pokemon Go. Realistically, how can we achieve any goal, if we haven't been able to describe it sufficiently for someone to "see" what we are talking about? If we haven't clearly communicated what we are aiming for, how can anyone help us?

Doesn't it make perfect sense that once we create the vision for ourselves, we get into "the zone" and infect others with our energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm, creating a network of allies actively scanning for resources and connections for us?

Hmmm...maybe manifesting is actually not such a New Age concept..really just common sense and good change management. But by all means, if you prefer a more existential perspective ..call it manifesting..what the bleep :-).

Try it: Put a small goal or affirmation on your mirror where you see it each morning as you start your day; take a minute each morning to visualize it as if it's happened. See if you are any clearer, or closer to it after a week. I'd love to hear how it goes for you!

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